Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Happy Thought For the Day

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is Cute Overload. Some days, the submissions are better than others. Today was one of those great days.

I could have fallen out of my chair at these two pictures. "“Koda” the mini horse was ALSO born a dwarf. Apparently, she’s so small, 'Koda is so small that he is often mistaken for a battery-operated soft toy.'"

Can you say, GIMMEE!!!!I want to lay down on the floor, kicking and screaming like an angry toddler, until someone gives me that tiny pony. I'll love him and hug him and stroke him and call him George. How can you NOT love that little pony face??? This little puddin's probably got a fabulous little life because she's so adorable. Seriously, that round little belly just did me in. That's almost too much cute in one creature. She should be imaginary.

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