Sunday, October 18, 2009


Is it normal to mourn a martial separation that is not your own? One that is not of your family, but just really close friends that might as well be family? I find myself wondering this as two different couples we know are considering this. One family will be separating, the other one is on the brink, all of this going on while another couple celebrates their one week wedding anniversary.

I find myself embarrassed, almost ashamed, when I'm around these people now. Their lives are chaotic and their marriages up in the air, while my husband and I are happy, although we're both reeling with their recent announcements. At what point do I stop talking about my marriage and relationship? I don't want to come across as bragging, because to different ears, maybe that's what it would sound like. Do we see their relationships as warning signs on what to avoid? Other than offering support and sympathetic ears, there's not a whole lot else to do. We can offer to help move when the time comes, but other than that, there's not a whole lot else to do.

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