Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Results Are Coming In

Well damn it all to hell, Bob McDonnell is our new governor. I kind of figured that would happen but I'm still bummed out about it.

"Robert F. "Bob" McDonnell has steamrolled R. Creigh Deeds in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, in a race quickly called by the Associated Press just after polls closed across Virginia at 7 p.m...Democrats throughout the campaign accused McDonnell of adopting a moderate image to cloak his true beliefs.

"Exhibit A in that argument was the governor-elect’s 1989 graduate thesis advocating a conservative social agenda in government. Polls showed that message gained some traction after the thesis came to light in late August, but the momentum was short-lived. "

If Bob McDonnell tries to turn Virginia into his own personal little conservative haven, I won't be surprised. I've heard him say he no longer feels the same way that he did when he wrote that college dissertation, but a leopard can't change his spots. Maybe McDonnell doesn't feel as strongly now about abortion, equal pay for women, birth control and the like, but I believe those same opinions are still there. Only time will tell if he acts on them.

"In his paper, he advocated a conservative social agenda and took the position that women who work outside the home are harmful to society.

From the Va Pilot (just one of any various updates as the night went on): "McDonnell this year disavowed some of the thesis, and it didn't become a major issue with voters." It was actually a major issue with me, but I'm just one working female voter. What do I know?

"It is a blessing for the school to be able to show others in the community at large that the grads we are turning out are very capable, very qualified and they are well-rounded," said Bobby Maddox, an El Paso, Texas, attorney and 2001 Regent law school graduate."...Alumni said McDonnell's election also affirms Regent's goal to offer education "in pivotal professions to equip Christian leaders to change the world," as described on its Web site." All hail Jeebus, the bible-thumpers are out to change the world. So what, only professionals that are Christian leaders can change the world? Can we PLEASE leave religion out of politics for one evening?

"McDonnell and Pat Robertson, a religious broadcaster and Regent's founder, have a warm relationship. McDonnell has said Regent taught him "the real importance of being a Christian elected official... acting in a degree of civility and trying to build bridges to get things done without compromising principle." This will come up again during McDonnell's term, just you wait and see.

And damn it again...Bill Bolling has been elected Lieutenant Governor over Jody Wagner. Shoot, I can't pick them for anything, can I? (I know technically I picked the Governor's election correctly even though I voted for Deeds but I didn't want to be right about that.

Well, I did pick Ken Cuccinelli for Va Attorney General, and Matthew James for the 80th District. Even Paula Miller was re-elected to the 87th district.

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