Sunday, November 1, 2009

Election Time Again

It's almost election day here in Virginia. The elections we are looking at are as follows: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Va House for 10 different districts, Sheriff for 5 different cities, plus Va Beach Commonwealth's Attorney and the Norfolk Commissioner of Revenue. Even though I will be voting, I'll be glad when this is all done and over with for the time being

For Virginia governor, I'll be voting for Creigh Deeds (Democrat). Transportation is not such a hot button topic for me, but I do have to admit, Bob McDonnell's stance on transportation throughout the state is much more specific and concise than Deeds' platform. Deeds comes across too vague on transportation issues and projects. McDonnell is also more concise and better spoken on jobs and the economy.

As far as their stances on education go, I think both men are about equal, in my opinion. According to the Va Pilot, "He [Deeds] is not proposing any specific tax increases but said a new source of money has to be found to pay for billions of dollars in transportation projects. He wants to pass a plan in 2010. If a bipartisan road plan that includes tax, fee or toll increases is approved by the General Assembly, Deeds said, he will sign it. He wants to change the way the state budget is crafted to use zero-based budgeting. Instead of drafting the budget based on the past year's document, he wants to build it from scratch, forcing state officials to justify almost every item." I think this all sounds good and he's being up-front about taxes.

So if McDonnell is looking like the better contender (and I think he will win the election), why am I voting for Deeds? "The clamor surrounding his graduate dissertation from 1989, in which he disparaged working women, homosexuals, "fornicators" and others of whom he disapproved, has tended to obscure rather than illuminate fair questions about the sort of governor he would make." As a working woman myself, I shudder at the thought of what life in Virginia might be like if he were left to lead it. Maybe I'm a little closed minded on his thesis, but as a voter, I'm within my rights to consider every aspect of those elected officials.

For Virginia lieutenant governor, I'll be voting for Jody Wagner (Democrat). She understands the plight of the small business owner (co-owner of Jody’s, an Oceanfront popcorn and confections shop). She was the Virginia secretary of finance under Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, 2006-2008; state treasurer under Gov. Mark Warner, 2002-06; and formerly an attorney with Kaufman & Canoles in Norfolk.

If Jody Wagner's commercials are true (about Bill Bolling's attendance at meetings), then I think it's time for a change. We need someone who is actively working for our state. I'm just not sure who will win this election. I feel like it could go either way.

For Virginia attorney general, I'll be voting for Ken Cuccinelli (Republican). "As a senator, I have pushed legislation to create one strike and you’re out for violent sex offenders, crack down on drunk drivers, get tough on gangs, and cut down on burdensome regulations on businesses." Steve Shannon doesn't even mention drunk drivers in why you should vote for him. Virginia is too lax on drunk drivers, and I'm hoping that if Cuccinelli is elected, he will keep up his interest in drunk driving legislation, making it harder for Va drunk drivers to continue driving.

For Norfolk sheriff, I'll be voting for Robert J. McCabe (Democrat). What my decision boils down to is this: I just don't think Sean Jones has enough experience to be sheriff. Sure, McCabe is older than him so of course McCabe will have more experience. But Sean Jones "More than three years as sheriff’s deputy." That's just not enough experience for me to have enough confidence in him as the sheriff.

For Virginia Beach sheriff, I would choose John L. Bell Jr. (Democrat). He seems to have more experience and pertinent education over Ken Stolle. Interestingly enough, I didn't even know John Bell was running against Ken Stolle. Stolle seems to have more going on in terms of signs and ads, but Bell could be a great kept secret in this election.

For Chesapeake sheriff, I would choose John R. Newhart. He's been the Chesapeake sheriff since 1970. Obviously, he's doing something right to continue to be elected over and over again.

For Portsmouth sheriff, I would choose W.O. “Bill” Watson (Democrat). He's been the Portsmouth sheriff since 2006, and David Lee Cherry Sr. seems more like a full-time business man and part-time (axillary) officer. Portsmouth needs a full-time sheriff who will devote himself totally to the position.

For Suffolk sheriff, I would choose Raleigh H. Isaacs Sr. (Independent). He addresses right away the economy and how it could continue to impact local crime. "With the current economic situation facing our country and the potential for budget cutbacks from the State, I am afraid we will see an increase in the number of criminal offenses and civil court actions. This could dramatically impact the workload of my staff by increasing the number of persons entering the courts building, the daily inmate population and the volume of warrants served." This shows he's thinking long term.

Jay A. Clason said, "The greatest challenge for the Suffolk Sheriff’s Department is legitimacy in the eyes of the citizens. Currently, the department is viewed as a second home for retired police officers with minimal responsibilities." Ummmmm, really? I've never heard anyone say that before, so where is he getting this info? And how is the current roster of officers going to feel about him for saying that?

More to come tomorrow on the district elections we have coming up. Trying to fit them all in tonight would turn into a snooze-fest!

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