Saturday, November 7, 2009

Going to Give Myself Arthritis or Something

So my younger sister is pregnant, about 4-5 months now. When I was unemployed over the summer, my mom started sending me a bunch of yarn; all different brands, colors and types, so it was a way to keep myself busy. After my sister made the announcement, I started to crochet for the baby. And because I'm a giant arts and crafts nerd, I've been taking photos of the finished projects, just to be able to post them here. My hands are fairly sore after finishing a project now. (I crocheted a quick pair of fun baby booties for a friend of a friend just last night.)

According to the doctor she's seeing, she's not far enough long yet to get a good clear sonogram, so we don't know what the baby is just yet. So until then, I'm trying to keep everything gender-neutral for clothes. However, I know those blue/green/white variegated jacket and hat sets (with matching booties) are seeming more boyish than neutral. But I couldn't resist...that yarn was too pretty to leave sitting.

And again, because I'm a giant nerd, I decided the kid needs (maybe for Halloween next year) a yellow shirt/red overalls set like what Stewie Griffin wears on Family Guy. Yeah, I know...I watch too much TV, but my sister and her husband are "Family Guy" fans too, I think they will think it's funny. And I just finished the little blue booties earlier tonight.

I've got a few more little projects I'm hoping to get done before they arrive here in a week to visit. They're going to be taking a bag of stuff back with them, and maybe then I can get started on a project for myself.

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