Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Little Love Note to Halloween

I'd be greatly amiss if I didn't mention my love for Halloween. I decorate inside and outside for this fun holiday...the bathroom, living room, dining room and even the kitchen. I love a little gore and creepiness, and some outright fun (especially this Hoobastank cover of "Ghostbusters"). I like seeing the costumes, especially the creative homemade ones. I like making kids wonder, as they come up our sidewalk, "Ummmm, should I actually be here right now?" And I like it when they enjoy our yard. Hell, I even order Halloween-themed rubber duckies from Oriental Trading to mix in with the candy for the little kids.

But I have just one complaint to get off my chest...WHERE THE HELL WERE THE KIDS AT THIS YEAR??? Come on people... it was a beautiful Saturday night. What's happening to the kids in our neighborhood? We probably had about 15-20 kids come by, and we were giving out handfuls of candy, while sitting outside in our front yard with lights on. There was no wondering if we were really "open for business," so to speak.

My God people, work with me here...I've got plans for Halloween usually 6-8 months out. If the turnout is going to continue to be even more lame in 2010, then what am I getting so excited about? Ah, sigh...I guess this gives me time to plan for next year, and whether or not I should do my cannibal-themed dinner party.

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