Saturday, November 28, 2009

Performances at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I'm not much of a parade fan, but I do check out the beginning of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade when I'm getting my turkey ready each year. I just about always watch on it on NBC too for some reason.

Anyway, is there any way at all, here it is almost the year 2010 (and this was the 83rd annual parade), that Macy's can find a way to make live singing performances on the floats a reality? I know people don't necessarily go to that parade to see the singers, but it kind of almost ruins a nice performance, from a TV stand point, to realize the person is actually just lip syncing.

In all actuality, some of those floats are huge! There has to be a way to make a workable sound system in them. And myabe, I'm right, because Entertainment Weekly had a little something online about it too.

For me, the highlight of the singing performances was definitely Alan Cumming. While I am most definitely a fan of Alan's, I thought he had the best and most believably LIVE performance of them all. He performed "That's Life" on the M&M Broadway float. I hadn't even heard that song before but I was HOOKED! I knew he could sing but my God, Alan was just BELTING it out like nobody's business!

Unfortunately, I couldn't find video of Alan's performance. Bummer!

And since I don't want to look like a parade grinch, I will mention that I really liked the beginning with all the cheersquads performing to various patriotic numbers. That was strangely moving to me for some reason. It didn't feel like a forced performance, and it didn't feel overly patriotic to tie in with world events.

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