Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just About Done With My Christmas Crocheting!

So since there's a baby on the way and money is a little tighter than before, my sister and I aren't exchanging Christmas gifts this year. No biggie, but there are somethings I'll be sending home for the baby for Christmas.

My sister asked me to make a Christmas stocking for the baby. I've just about got it done, using this free pattern from Coats and Clark. I left the holly off the cuff and am putting some Christmas themed patches there instead.

One important thing to know about this pattern: it calls for using a larger hook on the cuff than on the stocking itself. Make sure you do this, as it makes it fit easier. It's a super easy pattern to follow, and once you make one, you'll be able to see where you could alter it to make fatter, shorter, thinner, etc. stockings if you had a bunch to make for a family and wanted them all to have a similar look. For Baby's stocking, I'll be heading out this week to buy some needed items to put in it before mailing it off.

And since she's having a girl, I decided it was time to make the first truly girly thing so far: this angel shell dress from HeartFelt Angels. The pattern was created and posted for those that crochet to make and donate to that organization. "HeartFelt Angels is a non-profit organization of volunteers that make handmade baby items for area hospitals to give to parents in need. Whether it be from a loss of a child resulting from miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death, to an illness of a child or even parents who are financially challenged and may not have an afghan or a handmade outfit to take their baby home in." I think this is an adorable dress, and it's also so easy to whip one little dress out. I've used this pattern a few times before and you can make one of these in one sitting.

I used a G sized hook with Lion Brand Jiffy (mohair look) yarn, and some fun purple eyelash yarn for the edging. This used about 1 1/2 skeins of the Jiffy yarn (3 oz./135 yds. per skein). The three buttons on the back and one on the front were extras I had here. It's made by working from the neck down and the top part of the pattern is quite similar to some other baby patterns.

I actually added two rows in the chest area to make it a little longer. I really don't know HOW this is supposed to fit an actual newborn baby. It's so TINY! It's craziness...I think I'd loose something that small here in the house!

And I know, it's a little shady to use that pattern for my own uses like this without making one for the organization in exchange. I can live with that.

And even though they won't fit for a while, I used up the last of my pink and some white to make some booties that I pretty much just winged as I made them (didn't write down the pattern though). Maybe something for the baby to grow into will be a welcome thing so my sister and her husband aren't getting everything in newborn size.

My last Christmas crochet project will actually be for my cat.

My little sweetheart is getting a new crocheted catnip mousie for Christmas. I actually made one for her for her anniversary here with us earlier this year and she went bonkers over it! At that time, I used some leftover navy blue boucle type yarn. For Christmas, I think I'll try that ugly ass yarn from my friend, Jan. It will hold up better than the boucle and I think it would be appropriate. Jan had two cats she loved: Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding.

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