Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Power of a Sewing Machine

I have a scooter: a Yamaha Vino 125 that I bought in October 2008. Compared to my husband and other motorcycle owners, I think I've been slow to get any kind of accessories for it. There hasn't been a whole lot that I want for it.

The only thing I discovered that I wanted was a seat cover. Those black pleather seats get hot in the summer and cold in the fall and winter (not that I do much riding when it gets to be about 30-40 degrees outside).

You'd think it would be easy to find a scooter seat cover, with the scooter industry booming like it was. But, it hasn't been easy. A woman up in Vermont had a scooter seat cover business online, where she custom made covers because she had just about every scooter seat known to man. She had a waiting list for covers. In March of this year, she decided to go on hiatus so redesign her business. Unfortunately, she closed the business.

I tried making a pattern here to make my own, but I couldn't get the cover to fit correctly around the front of the seat, but I was working kind of blind as I didn't have an actual cover yet.

The only other person I've found that was making covers was a seller on Etsy. It wasn't a custom made cover, as I had to basically pick from a few that were already made. So, I ordered a hot pink leopard print cover.

The best thing was that it came so quickly. So I've got a happy hiney now. But shortly after it arrived, I thought, I can do this now for myself. I can use the new cover as a guide and make up a couple more.

My mom picked out some good polar fleece for me, since she knows more about fabric than I do. Hell, she bought me the two sewing machines that I've had (I wore out first one). I got some flames, Justice League, and two Spider-Man prints. I already had plenty of thread, so I picked up a couple packages of elastic. I decided to use the Justice League fleece as my pattern pieces.

After a minimum amount of swearing (actually, I was amazed I didn't so more), I actually had a good feeling about this. I was being careful about my measuring and cutting of the pattern. My finished covers aren't quite as loose as the leopard print cover, because I'm not a professional seamstress and I was creating my own pattern as I went. But overall, I'm pretty happy with them. They are definitely usable.

My favorite is obviously the large print Spidey cover. I think these should last me for quite some time. And if they wear out, then I still have the Justice League pattern tucked away so I can make another one (but maybe a little more roomier).

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