Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Practical Idea for NASA

What the holy hell is glitter made out of? I bought some glitter for a project I'm working on (photos to come later) from A.C. Moore. IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO WASH OFF YOUR HANDS!

"Glitter is primarily composed of very tiny flecks of glass, stone, paper or plastic, although polyester is perhaps the most common material used in modern glitter production. Coated paper can also be formed into glitter, and some have even used commercial grade diamond dust as a form of glitter."

Well, that's just fabulous, but it still doesn't get it washed off my hands! :) So here's my practical idea for NASA: to avoid any future problems with heat tiles coming off the shuttles, just coat the entire outside of the shuttles, rockets and boosters with glitter from the Glitterex Corporation. I guarantee, you'll never have to worry about a shuttle coming apart in flight again!

I think the glitter I bought is plastic or foil. At least, that's what it feels like. So if it's that great, then my finished project should last forever!

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