Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Lack of Protesters?

I'm not going to jump on any kind of execution soapbox here, but I caught something kind of interesting as I listened to Larry King Live the other night, when John Allen Muhammad was going to be executed.

Larry had a reporter on the scene at the Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, VA, and she was explaining the physical layout of where the reporters where outside the facility, compared to the building where the execution took place. Apparently, there was a section cordoned off for death penalty protesters.

According to (and almost every other article you read before hand), "At the appointed hour, Muhammad will be strapped to a gurney. By then, as with every Virginia execution, protesters will have gathered in a field outside the prison -- people opposed to the death penalty no matter how terrible the crime."

I wish I had the wording here, but basically, Larry asked the reporter if there were very many protesters there that night. She said basically, no, there were none to speak of.

But according to the Baltimore Sun, "A large contingent of news media assembled outside the prison hours before the execution time. More than a dozen television satellite trucks parked outside the main gate and razor-wire fence. A few hundred yards away, a handful of protesters held anti-death penalty signs. One read: "We remember the victims...but not with more killing.

"Capital punishment supporters also were present. Pam Clarke, who came with her 13-year-old daughter, Emma Jo, said: "What he did just terrorized so many people...An eye for an eye."

If that's the case, then that's amazingly interesting to me, that what Muhammad did was so incredibly heinous, that even death penalty protesters felt the need to stand up for him. According to the Christian Science Monitor the night before Muhammad's execution, "It has been almost six years since Mr. Muhammad was sentenced to death for the murder of Dean Meyers, one of the 10 people killed during apparently random sniper attacks in the Washington, D.C., area in September and October 2002."

"Muhammad was executed by lethal injection on November 10, 2009, at 9:06 PM EST at Greensville Correctional Center in Jarratt, Virginia, and was pronounced dead at 9:11 PM EST. Muhammad declined to make a final statement."

An Interesting Combination of Events

So on Thursday, our office closed at noon because of the nor'easter. No big deal. I went home, did come cleaning, some laundry, even some cooking. My husband was at work all day so I had the house to myself.

Note, between 5:45-6:05 PM, the power has gone out about seven times now. Thank God for a good computer battery. My dog is hating this: the constant off and on. He's trying to cram himself to the smallest corner next to me that he can, poor guy.

So I used the evening to get caught up on my backload of stuff on the DVR. One of the things I had on there was the original Night of the Living Dead by George Romero.

I may just have to light some candles and call it done on the computer. Time to break out the crochet instead of this, I think. The dog is now under the kitchen big brave German Shepherd!

So anyway, I hadn't seen the original Night. I had recorded it from Halloween on AMC. It's a great movie. George Romero has some really incredible use of sound and camera angles. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it, my love for zombie movies aside. (Interesting fact: the zombies are never referred to as such. They are "the ghouls.")

A family, a couple, a young man and young woman, all trapped together inside a house. They've boarded the windows and doors against the marauding, murdering ghouls outside. Leave the safety of the house, and face certain death. With the remnants of Ida and our nor'easter raging outside, I thought it was an interesting way to watch a zombie movie.

Odd howls of wind; old, original windows in a 1942 house, knocking back and forth, sheets of rain battering down the streets and against the siding...shit, if this were right before Halloween, it would be a fabulous backdrop for the night! Mother Nature can out on one hell of a display when she wants!

span style="font-family: georgia;">I can't complain about flickering power...our house and yard are still intact. The truck and scooter are tucked away inside a sturdy garage. No limbs have come down on our house. I didn't get stuck on the way home from work anywhere. The power is back on (for the time being). It makes me almost wish I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I've already got some candles going here at the house. It makes it kind of cozy (even with a mass of quivering fur at my feet).

Although I do have to give mad props to the United States Postal Service and UPS. We got our usual mail delivery and a quick stop off from UPS this afternoon. Having those guys out and about today struck me as above and beyond the call of duty. Way to go, guys!