Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Freezer Salsa?

Every year, I plant a garden in our backyard. It's a small one but I always have an abundance of veggies, and I usually plant the same stuff, for the most part, from year to year. Shoot, I'm already getting gardening catalogs in the mail and it's about 30-35 degrees outside and my garden is buried under the several inches of leaves we put out there. It's such a tease.

So over the summers, I've been able to tweak my spaghetti recipe to where I like it and it freezes very well. However, I need to give up on the salsa. I'm just not getting it the way I like.

This salsa recipe is the main one I've tried. I've even tried a few other recipes as well. Maybe you'll have better luck with this one. For me, when I thaw it out, it becomes quite thin and watery.

I'm not going to list the entire recipe here, as there are photos for just about every step, so it's pretty lengthy. However, it does give directions on both making your salsa to freeze or to can, so there are basically double steps here, so don't be alarmed at that. Maybe if someone else makes this same recipe, they'll have better luck than I do. I would try the canning, but my husband's grandmother has told me to forget the canning; it's expensive and time consuming enough that the canning isn't worthwhile.

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