Monday, January 4, 2010

Time For Something Crafty

My Christmas Eve post was about glitter, and a brief mention of something I was working on. Well, that something is finished and on it's way to Iowa. Since it's en route, I figure I can post some pictures of it here.

My sister got a bunch of baby things from a friend of her's whose own baby no longer needed it. One of the items was a mobile, those things you hang over a crib so the kid has something to look at. It was cute and fairly simply: just little stuffed animals dangling from it. My sister is a Wizard of Oz FREAK (much in the same way I am for Spider-Man), so she wanted to know if I could redo the mobile to be Oz-themed. The baby's room is, of course, going to be Oz-themed as well.

Did you know that if you go to Yahoo Shopping and do a search for "Wizard of Oz mobile", or even add in the words crib or baby, NOTHING comes up? Crazy. I figured some crafty person out there would be selling them.

I pulled off the original fabric covers from the arms and replaced them with two types of green ribbon (from AC Moore): one with wired edges and a very thin one. I used that same thin ribbon to hang the items from. (I did send all the little stuffed animals back to my sister, in case she wanted them, except for the lion. He's original, so with a new red ribbon around his neck, he became my new centerpiece. The rest of the original animals were similar in appearance and size to him.

Those red ruby slippers were actually black patent leather (pleather) from Wal-Mart. I think they were Carter's but I'm not sure anymore. They consist of: 3 coats of red spray paint (AC Moore), 1 coat of red glitter paint (AC Moore), 1 coat of that damn red Glitterex Corp. glitter (AC Moore), and 1 coat of clear coat spray paint that I found in the garage. Actually, I alternated the glitter and clear coat about three times to be on the safe side. I wanted to make sure the baby wouldn't be covered in the glitter the first time my sister turned the mobile on!

I stuffed the shoes with wadded up paper towels to keep the insides relatively clean. Once finished, I re-bowed them, because they actually came with little black ribbon bows on the toes.

And let me tell you...even though I used a box to paint and glitter those shoes, I've got glitter EVERYWHERE! My husband had to blow out the garage tonight because there was red glitter all over the floor from when I tossed the box out in the garbage. I think his phrase was, "It looks like a fairy exploded in here." But in all honesty, that pleather took the paint really well. I only "needed" three coats because I'm anal and was covering up one drip per shoe.

The tiny broom came from a miniatures dealer on eBay. The witch's hat was also from AC Moore (what WOULD I do without that store???) but I added the beaded trim myself. Remember, I'm a pack rat and already had those laying around.

All in all, I'm very please with how it turned out.

The green bow serves no purpose. I just thought it was lacking something.

I figure I'll probably get a phone call from my mom first when it see, I'm evil..I sent this to my mom's house instead of my sister, so my mom could see it first. :) Once I get some reactions from my family about this, I'll have to come back and post them.

This was an easier project than I was expecting it to be. In fact, I think there could be a market (think small, like an Etsy-type market) for custom made mobiles. Plus, it's recycled so it kept an unneeded mobile out of a landfill and my sister didn't have to buy a cookie cutter type mobile from some big box store. Yay, green!

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