Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Australian Cat Olympics Competitive Napping Event

One of the blogs that I check on a regular basis is "Huffle Mawson, Explorer Cat." Huffle is a delightful female cat who lives in Australia. The idea of a pet blogging is just terribly funny and very original. (It turns out there are LOTS and LOTS of "blogging pets" out there, which I've learned about from Huffle's site since she's friends with so many of them.)

A few days ago, Huffle announced she was holding the Cat Olympics Competitive Napping Event. Her readers were invited to submit photos of their cats and dogs napping. "Anyway the rules for competitive napping are really easy. All you have to do is submit a photo of you napping. Preferably in a spot you're not meant to be, but any photo of you taking a nap is eligible."

And being the big whipped pet owner that I am, I had to submit a photo of my monsters napping together. They made it to the Competitive Napping Finalists 5 on this last Wednesday (yesterday). Check out the page and scroll a bit and you'll see Dixie and Cujo napping together in Cujo's bed.

It's all just silly bragging rights, but I'm hopeful that Dixie and Cujo can bring the gold home to the United States in the pairs competitive napping competition. The competition closed today (Thursday), and Huffle will be holding the People's Choice Awards on Friday, with the medal ceremonies on Saturday and Sunday. So come check out Huffle's blog, and learn about what a hard busy life she has!

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