Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What Did I Say?

“He sat down and yelled, ‘You lie,’ at President Obama. But according to a new TV ad, he ‘stood up, when most people have been silent.’ That's the sentiment from voters in South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson's new television spot - the first of his re-election campaign.” This is taken directly from the article on today.

I want it noted that I called this very thing, on September 17, 2009 in my comments section.

You remember it, doncha? U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out, “You lie,” at President Obama during a speech he gave to Congress earlier that month. “As weird as this sounds, it makes me wonder if Joe Wilson is going to end up being the Republican Boy Wonder or something because of this. ‘Ah, look at him, he stood up to Obama!’”

CNN reporter Shannon Travis went on to write, “The campaign for Wilson's Democratic opponent told supporters that Wilson's new ad shows the Republican "bragging about his outburst again."

If you want to see the spot, you can go to Wilson's website to view it. I honestly feel like this is just the beginning of a possible "Come to praise Joe Wilson" kind of mentality that will soon be starting.

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