Monday, March 15, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Hooray for me...the Wizard of Oz mural for my sister's baby is DONE! All I have to do is wrap up the final canvas tonight and seal the box. As of tomorrow, they will be on their way to Iowa.

The canvas set is more like a mobile mural, and the series is based on the Jim Shore version of the Wizard of Oz. I thought his Oz pieces had kind of a country/folk feel to them.

Since I have to entrust these pieces to UPS, I figured I should have photos of them, just in case. They are a little blurry, so bear with me.

Dorothy was the second one done, and I think she might be my favorite. She's on a 9"x12"x1' canvas.

Elphaba was the first one done and actually the hardest to do. This is actually the second version of her (the first is on the other side of the canvas. I ripped it off the frame and reversed it.) This Elphaba is actually based on Donna Vivino in the traveling Wicked program. Jim Shore's version of the Wicked Witch has a great outfit: the front of her skirt actually shows the four main characters walking along the yellow brick road together. She's on a 20"x24"x1' canvas.

I added the tail to the Cowardly Lion, since I couldn't see it on the sculpture I had a photo of. He's on a 8"x10"x1' canvas.

This photo fo the Flying Monkey was actually taken right before I finished his eyes. He was the last one to paint. He's on a 8"x10"x1' canvas.

Better planning on my part could have enabled me to get the Scarecrow and the Tin Woodsman (there's not a painting of him) on the same canvas. They had the same shape: very tall and thin. While I was working on this one, my husband thought it looked like the Scarecrow was flipping the bird with his middle finger. The Scarecrow is actually the only one with much of a background. I had planned to leave him on a plain yellow background, but for some reason, I decided to stick him in the middle of a cornfield. He's on a 9"x12"x1' canvas.

Bob Ross, I'm not, and this project was done with a minimal amount of swearing. Most of it was actually done about Elphaba. I'll be glad once these little darlings get to where they are going, safe and sound!

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