Friday, April 30, 2010

Fla. boy with leukemia has special visit with Norfolk SEALs

"The sleeves of Colton Seybert's green and brown camouflage uniform have to be rolled up a few extra times. His top hangs a little too low and his pants fit baggier than military dress codes might allow. Finding combat boots in kids' size 5 presents a small challenge. It's not every day that the U.S. Navy outfits a 10-year-old.”

It takes a lot for me to get all mushy over a kid. I’m more likely to get teary eyed over an animal than a kid, especially over a kid I don’t know, but this article in The Virginian-Pilot today really tugged at my jaded, hardened old heartstrings. I actually got a little misty over this article.

“Colton is visiting Norfolk this week with his mom, his dad and his little brother. The Make-A-Wish Foundation paid for their trip. The reason they're here? Colton wished to be a Navy SEAL.”

I mean, seriously, how can ANYONE not be touched by this? One poster, in the comments story online, made a wonderful point: this little boy could have chosen anything for his wish. He could have gone to Disneyland, Universal Studios, probably have met an athlete or gone to a sporting event. Instead, he wanted to be a Navy SEAL. How humbling is that? You already know who his heroes are. If he stays healthy, I wonder if Colton will enlist someday in the military. I can see him as a future sailor.

“So that the family wouldn't see all unfamiliar faces when they arrived in Norfolk, Schroeder made a trip to Florida two weeks ago to meet them.” The local SEALS even welcomed Colton’s younger brother and parents. Our military community really rocks! How awesome is all that?

These are the guys who are trained in things we can only guess at and go on missions most of us never hear about, but they took time out of their schedules to spend a couple of days with a  little boy that idolized them because of the little he knows about them and their jobs. This experience will stay with Colton his entire life. I think that’s a wonderful gift the local SEAL community gave him.

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