Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Hit and A Miss At The Same Time

The fish tacos with the white Mexican sauce were both a hit and a miss tonight for supper. To back track, the fish tacos came up at work a few days ago. A co-worker was telling me about fish tacos with cabbage and I thought they sounded awfully damn good. So I decided to make them for supper tonight and paired them with the sauce I made the other day.

I thought they were excellent. They smelled wonderful, very strongly of lime but I didn't add the jalapenos because I didn't have any. I layered the hard taco shells with the shredded cabbage, white sauce and the fish (I used tilapia filets). 

My husband didn't like them so much, but that's okay. Live and learn. 


  1. Fish tacos with cabbage is a favorite in our house, but I usually use sour cream or no white sauce at all. Your white sauce sounds interesting, I might give it a try next time. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. If anything, I love the recipe sharing that goes on through blogs and word of mouth! :) My husband is still raving about your recipe for the blackened mahi mahi. :)