Friday, April 30, 2010

Why Does Obama Need to Do More?

Because I feel like some of my previous posts about Obama have been ragging on him, today’s entry is one to convince people to lay off the man. We’ve all heard about the leaking oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, right? It happened on April 20, because of an explosion. This is a terrible thing, aside from the thousands and thousands of gallons of oil headed toward Louisiana right now, but also because of the 11 rig workers that are missing and presumed dead.

BP owns the rig and they are working to contain the oil and plug the leaks. BP CEO Tony Hayward was on The Today Show on NBC just yesterday morning. He said BP is willing to continue working to clean up the Gulf but would also accept any help from anyone that came their way: the government, the military, you name it. Hell, the Coast Guard is out there, working side by side with BP. “As the expanding oil slick threatens marshlands and wildlife along the coasts of Louisiana and Mississippi, BP faces perhaps the biggest public relations challenge an oil company has experienced in the U.S. since the Exxon Valdez tanker disaster in Alaska in 1989.” In my own opinion, I don’t think this disaster will really affect the public’s perception of BP as a corporation. They are owning up to it and taking responsibility and accepting help. However, my own little opinion and the work BP is doing now doesn’t diminish the ecological problems the Gulf coast may face in the future because of this spill.

That being said, where does Obama come into this? On the Today show this morning, Anne Thompson was doing an on-air report, and to paraphrase, she said, “There are those people who think Obama is not doing enough right now with this disaster.”

“No new offshore drilling will be authorized until authorities learn what caused the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, an aide to President Barack Obama said Friday as oil oozed ashore in Louisiana.” I agree with this. There needs to be an evaluation of the rig and others like it currently in use, so there’s not a problem with waiting on future drilling.

I would imagine some people against the wait will complain that gas prices are going up and if we drilled now, we could drive the prices back down…never mind it would take time to turn that oil into something usable for the general public.

But other than a call to wait on offshore drilling, what more is Obama supposed to do? Should he and Joe Biden go suit up and get out the Gulf to work alongside the BP engineers and Coast Guard, and try to contain the spill so they can burn it off the surface of the water? As the Commander in Chief, I think Obama is doing his job just fine where this spill is concerned by having the Coast Guard out there. He’s not an engineer or an oil expert, or even an environmental volunteer of any kind. I think the Obama-hating public needs to realize he is doing what he can by calling off future drilling.

I bet Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, the President of Iceland, wasn’t blamed for a lack of involvement when the volcano started spewing ash that shut down European airports.

But maybe that’s part of the American way of thinking. We’re spoiled because this country was settled by those seeking religious freedoms. Over time, maybe it’s given us a mindset that citizens of other countries might not have: we can have and do whatever we want, blaming others when convenient. Obama is doing just fine. Get off his back.

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