Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm Stopping Before I Toss My Sewing Machine Out the Window

I'm starting to think that instead of calling this blog "Not So Random Thoughts," I should rename it "I Realize I Can't Make This @#$%& Project." What makes it frustrating is that I thought I could do this one! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

A few days ago, while lurking around on some crafting sites, I came across a pattern to turn an oversized t-shirt into yoga pants.

I thought, this is KILLER! I've got loads of t-shirts and a sewing machine, so this should be a snap.

Yeah, right.

I've cut up three or four t-shirts now. I've lost count. I need to stop, otherwise my t-shirt drawers will be empty, I'll have no pants anyway, and my sewing machine is going to get tossed out of a  second story window onto the neighbor dog below. And I've realized a couple of points not mentioned in the Cut Out and Keep tute linked above.
  1. You should use a t-shirt that is at least one size bigger than what you naturally wear. For instance, I wear a large size. I can wear mediums but they aren't comfortable to me. For these pants, I tried both a large and an XL t-shirt. They each fit fine for length but the part that becomes the waist down to the crotch is a little too short. I'm not long waisted but these would have been low rise pants on me and I don't have the body to pull that look off.
  2.  Speaking of length, I really should have sewn in the side seams on what become the legs to make them fit a little more snugly. My version of the pant had the legs much looser than I would liked. Think gaucho pants. Short gaucho pants. 
  3. I think you'd be better off trying this project with freshly ironed shirts. My shirts, pulled straight out of their dresser drawers, all crumpled and wrinkled, didn't work out so great. I think those wrinkles were part of my problem.
So, the sewing machine will be put away for a while, until inspiration strikes again! I did manage to find a neat pattern for a broomstick skirt out of a vintage sheet that I may try one of these days.

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