Saturday, May 1, 2010

Shakira, Go Home

We don’t need international celebrities telling us what to believe in or what our government should do, especially when THEY AREN’T CITIZENS.

The Colombian singer said when she was in Arizona on Thursday, she thought about how the new law would affect her. ‘If this law was already in effect today, for example, I could be detained and arrested and taken away because I don't even have my driver's license here. I'm completely undocumented here,’ Shakira said.”

If Shakira wants to be able to vote on the Arizona immigration law, then she should move to Arizona and become a citizen. But you notice…she didn’t mention that possibility in her interview. Hey, Craig Ferguson decided to become a citizen. If it’s good enough for him, then it’s good enough for her.

And in that same tone, I really dig this woman: “Sue Schwartz says she's been called a racist so many times she doesn't mind the label anymore. If wanting immigrants to enter the country legally, like her great-grandparents from Mexico, and obey the laws of the land makes her racist, then so be it, she says firmly. ‘I'm getting to the point I wear it with pride,’ says Schwartz, a lifelong Arizonan who has warily watched the growth of the illegal immigrant population in the state over the course of her life.” Sue Schwartz GETS it.

"'If I entered another country illegally I'd go to jail, yet they're demanding better treatment than their government would give us,’ she says.” DAMN SKIPPY.

“Sporting a white baseball cap that that reads, "100% American Citizen," Schwartz says she believes that SB 1070 came about because law enforcement in Phoenix was fed up over not being able to ask suspects about their immigration status.” That’s probably true. But would this then make racial profiling legal, thanks to a loophole, in Arizona?

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