Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Taking Back a Previous Post

On Friday, April 30, I wrote about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At the time, I thought BP had gotten the leaks under control. I was wrong.

"As owner of the well, BP is responsible for the cleanup and its costs. It blames Transocean, which it hired to drill the well, for the failure of a critical piece of equipment that was designed to shut off the well in case of emergency...The Deepwater Horizon caught fire April 20 and burned for two days before sinking, with 11 workers presumed dead. Executives from BP and Transocean Ltd., looked "like deer in the headlights" when they briefed members of the House Energy and Environment committee about the accident and response on Tuesday, said Rep. Joe Barton, R-Texas."

Holy shit, the damn thing is STILL leaking!!

So, I'd like to take back a section of my previous post, when I wrote, "In my own opinion, I don’t think this disaster will really affect the public’s perception of BP as a corporation. They are owning up to it and taking responsibility and accepting help."

I mean, COME ON. It's been 15 days...cap it, plug it, DO SOMETHING. At this point, I realize my naivety was keeping me from seeing the big picture. I'm going to make another prediction: this oil spill and how BP has been handling it will become a mandatory case study for Introduction to Public Relations college classes across the country.

And from a practical viewpoint, it would be so much more interesting than the case study I did while in college: the Sucrets company switching over from metal tins to plastic cases.

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