Thursday, June 3, 2010

Absolute Frustration

Or maybe it’s more of a case of being so mad I could spit. I replied to an employment ad online a few days ago to a local real estate office for an advertising coordinator position. I received an email last night from the guy who runs it, telling me that position has been filled but he wants to meet with me this week about a similar position. We arrange to meet early this afternoon and I’m feeling good.

Would someone explain to me how in the HELL their open receptionist position is ANYTHING like an advertising position? It was receptionist, I think some data entry, administrative assistant to 3-4 staff members and to the 24 contracted real estate agents at that office, sending out listing postcards, submitting their ad requests to the in-house advertiser, and the building of websites for those agents…whether they want them or not (which just screams that I would have had to do them without input from some of the agents, so then they can complain when they are done). 

I also met the bookkeeper there as well. SHE was the one explaining what the job would be and she didn’t do a very articulate job of it. It was like pulling teeth to get any kind of answers, and a really good sign of things there was when she mentioned the name of one of the agents, describing him as “a mess.” The guy in charge kind of moaned/groaned/snorted when she said his name. A mess? I think not. If that’s the boss’s reaction, he must be a nightmare.

I wasted a lunch break and about 11 miles of gas in my Blazer (when I could have ridden the scooter for cheaper) for that crap. Although, I am somewhat proud of myself. I didn’t get visibly pissed off while I was there. In fact, I grew some balls while I was there. He asked me what I thought of the position so far. I explained to him why I didn’t like it and wasn’t interested anymore.

“It’s not 100% marketing.” It sounds like it’s an administrative assistant position. “I don’t consider it administrative assistance.” But it does provide office support to those 24 agents in the field. “Could it be 50% marketing? Yes, it could grow into that down the road.” But it’s not even that much right now. I don’t need to have it explained to me how I would be the first impression of that office whenever someone called or came in. I’m not a dummy. It’s the receptionist position for Christ’s sake. That first impression line is a GIVEN.

He actually kept on like I was going to still be considered for the position. I was starting to feel like this was a bait and switch over what I was expecting. “I’ll let you know how it goes.” No. No, you don’t have to because I just said, maybe it’s a position I’d check back on, further down the road. I’d be shocked if he actually called me back.

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