Thursday, June 10, 2010

Coconut Flavored M&M's

Again, as a part of my apparent self-appointment as a new product tester, it was time to try the new coconut M&M’s. I picked up a package of them the other day at my local grocery store when I stopped to get lunch. I had wanted to try them to see how much they were like Almond Joy or Mounds.

Me, if I were a giant purple M&M.

These M&M’s are available in the regular sized bag, but on in white, brown and green. They’re actually a little larger than the regular chocolate M&M’s but not as large as peanut M&M’s. On a weird note, the package and the website show the M&M’s as being decorated with little tropical icons. Mine weren't.

How to describe these M&M’s in only one word: yuck.

Or maybe metallic. Well, how about slightly metallic.

They’ve got a funky aftertaste that’s a cross between slightly metallic and slightly artificially alcoholic (think of those liqueur-filled chocolates you can buy around the holidays). They have just a hint of coconut flavor but smell more like it than they taste. You’d think with that larger size, M&M’s could have figured out a way to have a coconut flavored center, surrounded by chocolate and then the candy shell.

I thought they were pretty nasty, all because of that awful aftertaste. I felt like I had a mouthful of cheap liquid tin in my mouth after eating them. Thank God I had a drink to wash it away with!

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