Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today would be the birthday of my dear friend, Jan Rosser. From her, I learned to hug my friends more and tell them I love them.

I still have most of the snake plant she gave me, years ago. It's been split up so many times, repotted and shared with other friends. I think about her everytime I ride on my husband's motorcycle: she's the one that gave me the advice about squeezing with my knees around Shane's hips if I felt like I was sliding on the seat.

The last time we went out together, it was me, Shane, Jan, and our friends Bob and Hal. We went for a motorcycle ride for supper to Boneshakers in Va Beach. We all had a good time, and I remember feeling really optimistic about Jan's future. She told me she was trying to eat several small meals a day, as well as ice cream a couple times a week, in order to try and gain back some weight.

Shit, I'm starting to cry as I type this and my hands are shaking.

She had dropped from about 130 or so pounds to about 98 pounds. She had become so tiny. I felt like an Amazon or Wonder Woman next to her.

Anyway, that night at Boneshakers, she had even tried to do a shot of vodka, I think it was. She could only manage about half of it.

On the way home, we rode through First Landing State Park. It was a gorgeous night and Shane was speeding through the park. God, that was fun. He had to stop because it was worrying Jan to see us riding that fast.

I still miss ya, Traylor Crash. Skate on, girl!

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