Sunday, June 20, 2010

More Crocheted Baby Clothes

I just got done with crocheting some more baby clothes. They weren't for my sister's baby this time, but for another friend. I'm not going to "out" her and her husband here, since they seem to be keeping the adoption somewhat mum online. But the clothes and other baby-needs have already been received.

These pieces weren't necessarily made to go together. In fact, I tried to do them in a variety of little sizes, because this baby was just as small as my niece was when she was born: just under six pounds!

The hat is the SLK Baby Hat by Susan L. Kraus. I made in with a G sized hook with Premier Yarns Angel Self Shading in Peach Candy (#63-201). This might be the prettiest yarn I've seen in a long time, with shades of light lavender, peach, light pink and white. The trim on the hat is some extra eyelash yarn I had here at the house.

The dress is again one of the angel shell dress designs, also made with a G sized hook and same yarn as the hat. I made this one a little longer in the top than the pattern calls for because I felt like it. :) It has one simple cameo styled button on the front for looks, and two plain white buttons on the back for closures.

This little hat is of the same design as the first one, but made with Lion Brand Baby Soft in Candy Print (#217). This reminded me so much of a confetti type pattern.

I used the Baby Soft again to make a small sweater, based on Rima's original sweater pattern. It was also made with a G sized hook, and I added three little multicolored buttons, two little pockets (who knows what little treasures a baby might have to tuck away!) and some leftover longer eyelash yarn for the trim in silver.

My friend said that already, the baby seems to enjoy her original creations! :) Much thanks to Rima for sharing her pattern online. This is the second sweater I've made like this.


  1. Aimon--
    Thanks for the comment. Do you crochet?

    Amy Lynn

  2. Sorry for the late comment!
    I love your version. It is beautiful. And are those pockets!? How awesome is that.

  3. Thanks, Yarny! Yeah, I had a good little laugh over those pockets. And considering now I have another new niece and a new nephew, guess what they are getting for Christmas this year. I love this pattern because it so versatile. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  4. Hi there.

    How did you adapt the pattern to newborn size?

  5. Margret, for these patterns, I didn't actually do any adapting. I just followed the patterns and this was the size they came out. If you are interested in changing the size of the sweater, I suggest checking with Yarny Days over at her blog. She would have better input on that than I would.