Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Obsession With the Ugly Bunna

I am apparently obsessed with the Ugly Bunna crochet pattern on Craftster. I made the Cthulhu bun for Nicole and I made two for my niece for next Easter. The obsession continues...tonight, I finished a larger ugly bunna for me.

Thankfully, this homely little devil was another stashbuster for me. I don't know why, but I felt from the getgo that he needed to be an ugly pirate bun (I guess he can keep my crocheted Captain Jack Sparrow company).

From the top of his big ear to the bottom of his peg leg, he's 18" tall and was made entirely from a E sized crochet hook. He's got a few random patches on his weird little striped pirate sweater and a belt to hold a sword if he finds one. He's even got a scar on his face below where his left eye used to be, having lost it in an accident out to sea so very long ago. That's why he wears the eye patch, even though it doesn't take anything away from his distorted and not so well healed face. The bunna buck teeth are little squares of white felt, hot glued on.

Alright, this proves I need help...I just made up a story about a pirate bunny losing an eye and WHY he wears a belt (but no pants). The yarn is taking on a life of it's own in my computer/crafting room.

I do have to seriously recommend the ugly bunny pin cushion pattern, linked above, to anyone that crochets. It is a super easy pattern to follow and it's easy to modify.

Obviously! :)

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