Monday, June 21, 2010

A New Level of Ridiculousness

The White House is beating back Republican charges that President Barack Obama is taking too many breaks during the ongoing oil disaster off the Gulf coast…The comments came a day after Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele issued a strongly worded statement condemning the president for playing a round of golf Sunday, attending a baseball game Friday, and recently hosting Paul McCartney at the White House.”

Seriously? Obama shouldn’t golf until the oil spill has been stopped? Or maybe we the American public should insist that Obama not golf until ALL the oil has been cleaned up.

Again, in this what seems to be another Obama-hating moment, Obama is NOT directly to blame for this oil spill. He didn’t cause it and he’s not responsible for cleaning it up. Although in this moment in time, he could probably do a better job of getting it taken care of if we could get BP out of the friggin’ way and make them financially responsible for the mess THEY caused.

Hey BP…we are keeping track here. 60+ days. WTF are you guys doing down there?

Anyway, let’s go one better: no more meals with his family until this mess is taken care of; that way, his mind can totally concentrate just on the Gulf conditions. Never mind what is going on in the Middle East, gay marriage, off shore drilling, or any other topic that comes along for his consideration. All oil, all the time.

Personally, I realize the White House, much like the POTUS and the FLOTUS, has a life and an image all its own. The Paul McCartney performance may have been more about playing at the White House, rather than playing for the Obama’s. I wonder where Michael Steele gets his information from. According to CBS News, the White House performance was actually billed as an All Star White House Tribute to Paul McCartney. “The whole night was built around Obama's presentation to McCartney of the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, awarded by the Library of Congress.”

“After a week where the president was taking on the oil spill; got a historic agreement with BP to put aside $20 billion to pay claims; after a day on Friday when he strengthened lobbying and ethics rules in the White House; after going to Ohio to talk about the economy and see the progress that is being made in some of those stimulus projects that are happening around the country; all the different issues that the president is dealing with, I think that a little bit of time to himself on Father's Day weekend probably does us all good as American citizens that our president is taking that time," said Burton.’”

But what really kills me about all this is the fact Michael Steele is bitching about Obama’s (mental) involvement right now. What about Steele himself? I want to know if he is doing anything to actively try and help the oil spill situation. Has he donated any money? Has he been down there to talk to the people? I doubt it, so this is turning into a case of the Republicans vs. the Democrats.

I don’t have a problem with Obama out playing golf. I would think the change of scenery would do him good and help to keep him from getting mentally bogged down. But then again, I know from personal experience that I do some of my best thinking when I’m totally distracted by something else and the problem I’m mulling over isn’t right in my face. Besides. I'm pretty sure being POTUS is NOT a 9-5, M-F kind of job. He's got to get his time off whenever he can. Look at it this way...Obama's pretty much on call for the entire nation 24-7.

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