Friday, July 23, 2010

New Hats!

I'm trying to squirrel away any original crochet patterns that I come up with, in the hopes of opening an Etsy store of my own later this year. This last week and a half have been busy when it comes to the art of hooking. :) Aside from our new niece that was born right before Easter, since then, we've gained another new niece this June and a foster nephew just before Easter. So, I decided it was time to make some baby hats! The family back home was having a baby shower for the newest niece. These two hats will be added to my growing stash of stuff to eventually offer.

To explain, anyone that knows me knows my love for the Barenaked Ladies. The first time I saw them in concert was in Va Beach during their "Maroon" tour on July 30, 2001. Vertical Horizon opened for them. At one point during the Ladies' set, they started doing the Chicken Dance and the lead singer of VH, Matt Scannell, came out and danced with them. Try to imagine the Ladies, Matt Scanell and a sold out Amphitheater audience, all doing the Chicken Dance together. It was truly a sight! Anyway, the reason for the Chicken Dance video?

To celebrate the chicken hat!

Normally, I wouldn't post any baby photos here without getting permission from the parents first, but when I got this photo from my sister, I couldn't resist!

I should almost be ashamed of myself...I'm a self professed geek but my husband is the one that told me, "You should have made his eyes to look like Kermit the Frog's eyes." I totally didn't even think about that!!! How lame am I?


  1. Thanks!

    I don't knit (obviously) but I'm just amazed at all the knit baby clothes you've made and been given this year. Knitting is so versatile!