Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Creative Project Successfully Completed

A couple weeks ago, my mom sent me an issue of Crafts 'n Things magazine (carried at most Hancock Fabrics stores). Oh man, oh man, oh man...lemme tell ya...this is a great magazine!!! It's the kind of thing I don't need in my house because it will just give me more ideas on stuff to try.

Seriously, this is probably the BEST crafting magazine I've ever seen. It's similar in content, in some ways, to Flea Market Style magazine, but with paper and fabric crafts included. There were so many things to try, but I think if I had gotten too carried away, it would have involved too much money being spent on too much thrift store furniture (to be refurbished) to live in room we don't have for it.

But a small project I tried out was the vintage memo board. I've included a scan of the page in case anyone is interested in trying it themselves.

I was able to make a few simple changes to it. Instead of using the backing board they recommended, I took apart an old cork board I had here already (didn't have to spend anything on it...bonus!). I found an old-ish frame (with a God awful ugly carousel horse print in it) at a local thrift store (only spend $2.99 plus tax) for a 15 3/4" x 21 3/4" frame.

This is a bad close up of the frame before I started on it. I took coarse and fine pieces of sandpaper to sand through some of the existing varnish on it. I wanted to antique up but I didn't want to lose too much of the detail in the frame. I was able to age it some what and even brought out a lighter shade of the wood.

My husband cut the cork board down for me to fit inside the frame. I made a trip over to Hancock's to pick up some burlap ($5 something for a yard) and then wrapped the board with it. I stapled it in place and laid it inside the frame. That burlap around the edges made it fit perfectly snug inside the frame. I added a couple of tiny nails to the corners of the frame since it was originally a little loose when I bought it. It was originally made to be nail-free construction with some kind of little plastic dove-tail looking things in the corner, but it was missing one.

For the manila folder, I rubbed some antique brown ink along the edges and in front of the tab. The images are some color print outs of some vintage stamps, travel posters of flapper photos. I just glued them down randomly on the folder in kind of a loose collage.

After a trip to A.C. Moore, I picked up two antique replica keys by Blue Moon Beads, just for fun, and a yard stick ($13.09).

I had Hubby trim down the yardstick to about 17". It was a good thing I had plenty left over, because when I nailed it to the frame, I cracked one end! I was able to use the other end of the yard stick instead. I even rubbed on that same antique brown ink on the yard stick as well, quick and dirty style. I nailed in a couple of extra nails and hung the decorative keys on it.

I was able to reuse a picture hanger on the back that my husband had originally planned to use on another project. He didn't like how that hung and removed the hangers and I used one here.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. The original cork board I had, in this same spot, was just way too big. It was actually double the size of this one. The most time consuming part was actually the sanding. If I had been able to find an older frame, I might not have chosen to sand it. I did check the free listing of my local Craigslist to see if I could find a really rough looking one, but no luck. Overall, I think I spent only $20 for this project.


  1. You are very artistic and mum says she can only dream about knowing how to do things like that. She makes a mean shopper armed with her credit card, however!

    p.s. the good thing about Monday? It will be over soon :)

  2. Aww, thanks Huffle! Truth be told, I just started this blog so I'd have some place to keep notes about the artsy fartsy stuff I always want to try! :)

  3. Wonderful and creative post!! Thank you very much for sharing this post with us!!