Friday, August 20, 2010

Done With Sackboy, Finally!

Whooooo, I've been busy! I am finally finished with Sackboy and Sackgirl! These little darlings were made from this pattern at Nerdigurumi, so because they are so small, they are much closer to the correct size Sackboy should be, compared to the larger one I made earlier. I made them both with an F sized hook. (And please note, they both have sewn on buttons for eyes, instead of glued on felt circles. Hopefully, if Ronan decides these are monsters, he will have a harder time blinding them!)

I almost think this one should be called Son of Sackboy. He was actually made entirely out of that ugly ass twine yarn from my friend Jan, which was also used for the larger Sackboy. This little guy is a knot off the old skein! He actually went to Nicole's friend and co-worker, Tina, who wanted him for her son. I've asked for a photo of his face when he opens this gift. If I get one, I'll be sure to post it. The funny thing is that when Tina came over to meet me after receiving Sackboy, she was carrying him around in the front of her shirt. Maybe we should call him Rackboy!

I finished Sackgirl up this morning by attaching the zipper. I did try to make her a wig of various brown and tan yarns, but I just didn't have the attention span for this tiny little head. Nicole is actually going to make a couple of moppet wigs herself for Sackgirl once she receives her this weekend. She was made out of the beautiful variegated Alpaca wool Nicole had picked out. Obviously, we have LOADS of it left so the rest of that cake (it didn't come in a skein or a ball even) will be used for a project for Nicole's friend, Joe.

And the best part of all this...I can move on to something else to crochet! No more Sackboy!!!!!

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