Sunday, August 22, 2010

Finished Another Project

Whew, I am just yarning up a storm here lately! At the request of a friend, I present the "Velvet Kitty," courtesy of Shirley MacDonald (aka Crochata on etsy).

This continues to saga of the seemingly never ending variegated Alpaca wool, as last used for the Sackgirl project. (In case you're wondering, I still have some of that wool left!) I actually worked with two strands of the yarn again at the same time to give it a little more weight.

This whip was made with an F sized hook and measures 19" long. Since the hanging loop wants to curl up, I currently have it hanging upside down right now to straighten it out. There was only one change I needed to make to the pattern. Once the handle was completed by rolling it, I thought it was too flimsy. Granted, Joe wants a handle longer than the pattern called for (I believe it was 4" long), but I didn't like that it felt so light for a handle on anything. I cut a bamboo skewer down and shoved it inside the handle from where the tails start, and worked it down inside. This gives some stability to it that I thought it was lacking.

And you know what? With the completion of this little project (which was mind-numbingly easy, as I worked on it while sitting with my husband at the hospital one day this week), I have no more pending projects, either for myself or anyone else! Nothing is waiting on any hooks for me! Hooray!!!!

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