Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Latest Weird Email

I emailed Nicole the other day to ask if her roommate B had a chainsaw. We have one here but it's a small one and I need to finish cutting down a mimosa tree in our front yard (got most of it down in time for Hurricane Earl to come visit). B's mom has a farm somewhere out here so I figured he'd be a safe bet for a chainsaw.

This is the response I got back from B.
"Here we have a nice rarely bloodied, always hungry, dependable, good toothed Stihl who likes to take walks on a 98.6 degree body of blood, enjoys late night dinners, hunting, and bareback riding. He is a Pisces and has a deep love of the woods. He has not met a meat yet that he wouldn't sink his teeth into. Lets bring out CONTESTANT NUMBER ONE!!!!!........ Yeah, I can get one. SHAZAAAM!!!!"

I think B needs medication, but at least I'll get to use the chainsaw.

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