Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sackboy...or a Monster?

I got suckered into another crochet project for a friend...Sackboy from Little Big Planet.

This little wiener is actually part 1 of a 3 part project. Nicole, the knitter, wanted a Sackboy, "large enough to hit people with."

I tell ya, I was so happy to finally be finished with this little twit. I'm not completely happy with how he turned out. I think I should have made his arms and fingers shorter. But I do like how his zippered chest turned out (it's a working zipper with a pocket behind it) and how his mouth turned out (CD cut in half, and layered between two pieces of black felt).

I know this version of Sackboy isn't the right color. If anything, his colors are actually reversed. But Nicole didn't care what color he was and neither of us felt like buying MORE yarn when I could just use what I've already got. He's a combination of Wool Ease and the ugly ass twiney yarn from my friend, Jan. I thought it seemed especially appropriate for a project for a friend that I used yarn from another friend.

Parts 2 and 3 of this project are this: Nicole wants a normal sized Sackgirl and her friend's son wants a normal sized Sackboy. I just can't get away from this little weirdo! :) Now, for Sackgirl, she's going to have hair. Nicole wants a removable wig but I think that's getting a little carried away with what I am capable of. So, her hair is going to be rooted to her little head...I'm thinking pink pigtails. And I did tell Nicole she had to give the yarn for at least Sackgirl, so I got a 1 pound or so cake of this gorgeous variegated Alpaca wool to play with!

But here's where the monster part of Sackboy comes in. Nicole helps one of her roommates take care of his nephew a couple days a week. Ronan is about 2, I think. Nicole was completely smitten with Sackboy and it turns out that Ronan was a degree.

Sometimes, you just can't keep kids from jumping on the furniture. Bad, Sackboy! Bad!
This particular Sackboy had black felt circles glued on for eyes. Notice I said had. Ronan decided Sackboy was a monster and peeled his eyes off. Somehow, making him blind made Sackboy seem a little less like a monster. Nicole said she had to go out and buy some big black buttons to replace the eyes. :)

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