Monday, September 13, 2010

As Much As I Love Decorating For The Holidays...

...there is no way in holy Hell my husband would let me put one of these on his motorcycle helmet.

And even though I totally love the idea of this, even if my husband would let me put one on his helmet, I still wouldn't. The reason being is that if you have vents in the top of your helmet (such as this full face helmet probably does), the hat and beard would cover those vents. You wouldn't get any air flow through the helmet, which sounds like a good thing if you're riding in the winter. However, when you stop the bike and stop MOVING, the face shield would fog over with your own breath. Those vents are there for a reason, so this makes it a very unpractical craft.

If "You Knit What??" hadn't shut down, I would have submitted it to them.

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