Friday, September 3, 2010

A Good Cry For the Day

On Twitter, one of the people I follow is Rainn Wilson, Dwight on "The Office." I'm an "Office" groupie. Hell, one year on vacation, we went to the Poconos. I told my husband because we were so close, I wanted to go to Scranton just because we could. My hubby indulged my silliness, even though at the time he didn't watch "The Office" yet.

The other day, Rainn had a Tweet that said, "What is your definition of 'Soul Mate'? (Watch this beautiful true-life animation) -" It was a beautiful five minute video about a married couple, Danny and Annie. I was crying at the end of it, because it was beautiful and sweet, because it's about the way love endures, and because I want to become like Danny and Annie when my husband and I are old and grey.

I think because Rainn posted it and like I said, I'm a groupie with a dear husband that caters to my odd whims, I found it even more poignant. 

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