Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another Christmas Gift Finished

I just finished another Christmas gift tonight. It's another blanket, this time for my mother-in-law. (I'm not too worried about her finding out about it here, since she doesn't have a computer.) She tends to do the same thing we do: always keeping a blanket or two out on the couch so I figured this might be something she'd enjoy.

I crocheted it on an N sized hook. I made four regular granny squares and did a border of HDC's around each of them. Then, I crocheted them together. You can see the "seam" here in this photo. Once they were together, I did a series of rows around them of HDC's and finished it off with a scalloped edge. It's finished size is 62" square.

This is the first project I ever did that I blocked it as I went. It was a real rough version of blocking: kind of a quick and dirty one as I went. "’s actually one of the most important steps to successfully completing your garment. In essence, blocking is a method of shaping and molding your crocheted pieces to match the measurements and shapes on the schematics."My version was a dry blocking, where I hung the blanket up, first as 4 individual pieces, then 2 larger ones and then the entire blanket itself, in my laundry room, where I stretched it out the best I could. Even working loosely like that, I could see an actual difference in the before and after sizes, especially within the four granny squares.

I used seven skeins of Lion Brand Holiday Homespun boucle in Mistletoe (#203). It's a dark red and olive green combination with a fine gold thread running through it. The edging is almost one skein of Red Heart Jockey Red (#902).

The Mistletoe is, of course, new. The Jockey Red is new and old at the same time. My parents have been clearing out some of my grandmother's things from her home, as she passed away late this spring. She used to crochet. Mom sent me a bunch of the yarn that was left. This Jockey Red was a part of that stash: 26 years old, never used, with the labels and store tags still on the skeins. This was bought for $1.59 at most likely a Ben Franklin store back home. The price label says "Variety Stores." I think this skein would go for about $2.89 a skein today...not a bad price increase for yarn over 26 years.

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