Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Fun Email

Geeze, I need my life to settle down a little bit! Do you know how long it's been since I've picked up a crochet hook?? :)

I was copied on another fun email about B the other day. This one was a letter of recommendation from a friend named Joe for B. B is trying to get into the fire academy and needs four letters of recommendation. Nicole the Knitter's dad is going to write one, since he knows B, and Joe wrote one as well.

Joe did write a legitimate letter about B but apparently, he was having fun and wrote two letters. :)

To whom it may concern:

Mr. B likes Guinness.
He likes it quite a lot.
He likes it less than violence,
but he likes it more than pot.

Guinness in his mash potatoes
Guinness in his Lucky Charms
It makes him fight like Kato,
And fuels the muscles in his arms.

Guinness is for Mr. B
What water is to trees.
And if you get him angry,
You’ll see just what I mean.

Joe, Madman

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