Saturday, October 30, 2010

Getting Caught Up Again

Jesus, two weeks since I last posted anything. I'm not trying to be lazy but I feel like I've been bogged down by life lately. It's nothing in particular but rather everything. But now it's time to go through my inbox and blog about the ideas and links and recipes that have caught my eye lately.

I think part of my "problem" is that I wasn't feeling the Halloween spirit lately. Thanks to "Super" Hubby and a wonderful find he came across, I think that feeling is passing.

For about three weeks, I've been searching online for an animated life size Jason Voorhees. I had seen one at Party City and I knew I had to look for one. I didn't even care if I got one in time for Halloween this year, just so long as I had one. Those bad boys were sold out everywhere at a reasonable price, going anywhere from $225 to as high as $330. Well, Hubby told me he had seen one on display at K-Mart on Thursday for $149. Since he's very good at haggling, he suggested I call them first and ask them to mark it down a little more since I didn't want to wait to see what would happen. They agreed to go down to $129.99 so we went down there after supper and picked him up. They actually took it down to $125 even, and I know they were happy to get rid of him. The women working there said they were sick of listening to him! :) I had to have him to go along with the (simple) animated Michael Myers I made a few years ago.

I think our Jason has his joints all loosened up because he doesn't move as jerkily as this guy does. The only thing I did to him (because I can't buy a Halloween decoration and use it "as is") was to cover my hands in red craft paint and leave bloody handprints on his chest and torso, like he's being pushed away (I did the same thing to Michael's coveralls). Before I washed my hands, I used the leftover paint on my hands to smear blood on his machete, mask and face, but just a tiny bit on his cheek. Then I drizzled red paint on his pants and shoes. I want to get a small bit of white paint and repaint his milky dead eye to look a little more realistic. Right now, it looks like the detail was done with a black Sharpie marker.

Right now, he's standing over me in the dining room, watching me type. He's boo-tiful and I might not want to put him away after Halloween ends. At 6'4" tall, he's pretty imposing. He's actually bigger than my husband. Which by the way, it was super funny to see him pick Jason up in K-Mart, toss him over his shoulder like he was nothing, and carry him out to the parking lot. We left Jason as is to bring him home, instead of putting him back in the box. Hubby said he'd hauled manure and fertilizer in the back of his truck, but having a strapped down mass murderer laying back there was a first. :)

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