Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Christmas Gift Finished

I managed to finish another Christmas gift last week. Once again, it's for my niece.

Even though my niece is too young for these toys (she's about six months old), my mother broke out the riding toys she saved from my sister when she was a kid back in the early 80's. They had been wrapped up and left in the garage for years, so they were still in almost perfect shape.

One is a roller skate and the other is little Kawasaki motorcycle. The red roller skate is cute. It looks like a low cut Converse. The motorcycle is a little pedal powered toy.

It's funny because my niece couldn't even sit up on her own when these pictures were taken (a few months ago) so my mom had to hold her up. But when I was talking to my sister, she's laughing hysterically and told me that her daughter needed a helmet for her motorcycle and she wanted me to crochet one for her. So, guess what my niece is getting for Christmas?

I decided to go for a half-helmet look here, with flames and "snaps" for a non-existent face shield. Since any good rider wants his/her helmet to match the bike, I decided to go with a bright orange color. It's the same orange as the University of Virginia hat from last year. It's Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin (#0254). The red flames (yep, they actually were made to be asymmetrical) and the grey straps were just leftover from other projects as well, but I don't even know what kind of yarn they are anymore.

You'll have to excuse the crappy photos...I don't have anything in the house small enough to double for my niece's head right now.

I have a feeling when Christmas comes and this gets unwrapped, there will be screams of laughter from my sister and I might get a picture of my niece wearing it, texted over immediately. :) Gotta love that in cell phones!!

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