Monday, November 29, 2010

(Bird) Food For Thought

I got an email from the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC) the day before Thanksgiving. I had sent them a small donation earlier this year for the work they were doing for birds in the Gulf of Mexico because of the oil spill. It was an email to get me to donate again, I'm sure. It was very well written and very interesting. I want to share some of it here. It was from Jay Holcomb, Executive Director of the IBRRC.

365 — days each year we are caring for oiled and injured birds at our two rescue centers in California.

5406 — total number of birds treated at our rescue centers so far in 2010. The five most common species treated were: Mallards, Brown Pelicans, Black-Crowned Night Herons, Western Grebes, and Canada Geese.

2839 — number of Pacific birds admitted and treated at our two rescue centers in California between April 20 and September 30, during the height of the Gulf spill.

4 — number of smaller West Coast oil spills IBRRC responded to in 2010.

5 - the number of oiled birds received in the last week from natural seep along the California coast.

600 —number of critically ill pelicans treated by us following the heavy rains, flooding and pollution from run-off that hit the California coast in January 2010.

5 — pounds of fish consumed by a recovering pelican every day.

25,000+ — hours logged by IBRRC volunteers in 2010.

39 — number of years IBRRC has been rescuing and saving injured seabirds from crises. (That’s right, 2011 is our 40th anniversary!)

24/7 — hours and days a week IBRRC is on-call for wildlife emergencies.

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