Sunday, November 21, 2010

It's Not Me...It's You

I decided to take another crack at the crocheted cupcake hat pattern for my nieces for Christmas. I wasn't about to let a single hat get the best of me.

I looked for another pattern and came across this one, by Kay Meadors, owner of the Natural State Knitting blog. This looked like a better option to me, because it's worked first with the ribbing (cake part) and then from the bottom of the frosting up to the top. All of Kay's rows are counted out by stitches so there's no real measuring, which I liked.

As I worked on the most recent one, I saw a simple change that should be made to Kay's pattern. Kay has the pattern written in such a way that you work on the hat as a flat piece and then pull the short edges together when completed to sew the hat into the right shape. That was the only part I didn't like, so as I worked on it, I actually just brought my edges together sooner and worked the hat in rounds instead of individual rows. Of the seam that I did have to sew shut, I thought it looked bumpy and uneven, but I know the edges were lined up correctly.

But you know what? Even with that one change, I can't bring myself to make any more of those damn cupcake hats. I made the first one in a soft buttercream medium weight Lion Brand yarn and the frosting in a soft variegated chunky soft (almost like mohair) Lion Brand yarn (the actual colors are unknown since they were leftovers). Sounds nice, right?

Those hats are just damn ugly in real life.

I've since realized of all the places I've seen those completed hats online, no one is wearing them! They all seem to sit so prettily, probably stuffed with tissue paper or something to give them a nice shape.

I don't mind making funny hats for our nieces and nephews, but I'm not going to purposely make ugly hats for them. As a crocheter, I am officially deleting the cupcake pattern from my computer and crossing it off my mental list of things to make. The kids can get other things for Christmas!

I decided to send this one sad sack looking hat to my niece for Christmas because my mom said she loves wearing hats.

My mom (pictured with my niece) and my sister actually raved about this hat...the one I couldn't stand looking at!

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