Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Little Something For Me Today

It's fun to lurk on other people's knit and crochet blogs because you never know what you're going to find. Now, I don't know how to knit (I tried once and the two needles just left me confused) but some knit patterns can easily be converted to crochet right in your own head.

A while back, I stumbled across "Off the Hook Astronomy" by Ilana. Aside from being a grad student in Astrophysics at University of Toronto, she also knits and crochets. In 2009, she created a kick ass knit pattern for a potholder. It's of the Star Trek: The Next Generation logo.

Even though I don't knit, I was able to look at her pattern and figure out how to do it in crochet, because she made it into a chart, like the Steelers blanket pattern that I did earlier this year.

There are some minor changes going between knit and crochet. While Ilana's knit version measured 8" square, my crocheted version measured 13.75"x9", which makes for more of a hotpad than an potholder. But that doesn't matter to me! :) I love how this turned out!

It was crocheted on an H sized hook with 2 strands of each color yarn (from my Grandma) at a time: 1 skein of Red Heart in Jockey Red and 1 skein of Pamida brand Wintuk in Black. (I think the Wintuk was a part of Red Heart's line.) These are some of the new yarns I got from her after she passed away, that are about 26 years old and still in beautiful shape. I did rows of SC's, but not in Tunisian stitches because I haven't figured that out yet. The black is actually all one long continuous piece of 2 strands, but I added in the 2 strands of red for each row it appeared. After finishing it, I trimmed off the tails and gave it a little tug in each direction and I'm very happy with it.

Many thanks to Ilana for posting this pattern. I'm heading back over to her blog to let her know someone else made it.

While I was working on it, I managed to figure out a way to use Photoshop to graph some other images into squares to crochet into potholders so those will be coming in a few days.


  1. Very nice! I'm glad you enjoyed the pattern (or at least the chart). It's always nice to see what people will do with what you put out there, so thanks for commenting to show me your work!

  2. I'm actually trying to work on a Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol pot holder right now. :)

  3. I love the way your Star Trek potholder turned out and I like the colors too. I have some Star Wars squares at

    Great job! :)
    Lee Ann
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