Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lucky Me, Lucky Me!

Look what my friend Nicole the knitter brought me from her Seattle-Portland-Chicago vacation! (These goodies came from the Seattle-Portland portion of her trip.)

The bamboo hook, like the yarns, are from Japan. But it's labeled as being a knitting needle. That must be what crochet is called in Japan. It's quite thin, so I don't know what size it is. I've never had a bamboo hook before and I really like how slick it feels when I'm using it. The yarn seems to slip and slide on it really well.

Both of the yarns, the purple and dusky greens, are my favorite colors. In fact, my kitchen used to be these colors. They are both boucle yarns and very light. Each package is only 25 grams in weight but it feels heavier than that.

I can't wait to use these for something fun. I'm thinking something flowery for a coat.

Thanks, Nicole!

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