Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Most Awesome Hat EVER

I always have a handful of new hat crochet patterns squirreled away to try, and I decided it was time to try the most recent one I'd come across. I started it a few nights ago. And it was just in time too, because I realized last night that the last hat I made for myself is too loose. I think it's just worn out.

This is the most awesome hat pattern EVER. I was wanting to make up a pattern like this, but when I saw Nerdy Hooker's hat and blog link on Craftster, I knew she had a better version of this hat than I could ever make.

I present to you...the R2-D2 beanie!!!

My hat was made out of some unknown red and black yarn (probably Red Heart), Lion Brand Wool Ease in Grey Heather, and Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Dusty Blue.

You can download Nerdy Hooker's pattern in PDF form from the link to her blog above. I love the way she wrote the pattern itself: the font changes color when you are supposed to change color. It's simple to read and easy to follow without being cluttered on the page.

This pattern does seem to run a little big. If you have thicker hair or a lot of it, then the sizing should be just right for you. I can wear my hair in a pony tail with this hat and it'll be just about perfect. If I'm wearing my hair down, it's a little loose. If I ever need to make this again, I'll probably go down one hook size.

Thanks, Nerdy!!!! :)


  1. I posted a reply to yours back on my blog but wanted to say thanks again for all the kind words! I'm glad you were able to follow my instructions!

  2. You did a really good job of writing it. I've seen other R2 hats floating around but they just seemed to be lacking something. :) I wish I had been quicker with my camera. My husband tried it on when it was done. :) It was a little too big for him but he's got really short hair.