Monday, December 27, 2010

No New Hot Pads

Earlier this month, I made a post about a Star Trek hot pad I'd made. I love the damn thing! And I was so inspired by Ilana's creation that I thought I'd try making some graphed patterns of different icons of my own.

Let me tell you...that's much harder than I thought it would be. Shortly after finishing the Star Trek pad, I tried to do the Rebel Alliance logo. Starting with the top and working down, it got so muddled looking in the center where it flares out on the sides. I even tried making the graph smaller so that the pad would be larger and more detailed. It didn't work. But I wasn't completely turned off trying it one more time.  

Remember those damn cupcake hats?

Tonight, I tried doing the logo for the game, Half Life, because that's still my favorite game of all time. All I was going for was the half life symbol in orange on a black field.

It wasn't turning out. The rows were completely off balance from each other and luckily, I realized it when I was only a fourth of the way down from the top.

So, there's another project I can cross off my list. I'm kind up bummed out that these patterns didn't work out, but I would have loved to make some new geeky hot pads for my kitchen!

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