Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Quick Baby GIft

One more baby blanket to add to the growing mental and photo pile of the ones I've already done this year. :)

This weekend was spent whipping up a quick little baby gift for a coworker. My goal was to have it ready for her on Monday (tomorrow) and all I have left to do is make her a card. She's having a girl and all I have are cards for baby boys.

She's already got two daughters and was hoping this would be the son she wanted. I thought she already had a son but I was wrong. She's still holding out hope that she'll see a little something at her next sonogram but so far, it's looking like another girl.

As usual, it's another funky, stashbuster granny square travel blankie. Made with a K sized hook, it's about 33" across. I'm really starting to think of these weird little blankies that I'm throwing together as more freeform in color than anything else. It's made with:
--Premier Yarns Angel Shelf Shading in Peach Candy (#63-201)
--the leftover unknown Confetti yarn (I swear, this better be the last of this can I keep finding more of it???)
--Caron Natura in Cream (#0214) and it's damn near identical twin, Premier Yarns Merit (100% wool) in Cream (#35-101)
--Lily's Sugar 'n Cream in Strawberry (#00144), which was also what I used to make the crocheted mousies out of this year. Hope she doesn't mind! :)
--Lion Brand Fun Fur in pink (#101), which was the same edging on my sister's daughter's starghan from August.

But I didn't just make this funky little blanket. I decided that since she is going to be a spring baby, she needed a cute little springy hat to somewhat match the blanket.

This was made out of the same Sugar 'n Cream yarn, so it does tie in with the center of the blanket. It was made on a thin, unknown sized crochet hook from this pattern. I didn't want to make another typical little beanie. This one worked up so much faster than any hat I've ever made, most likely because it's made with treble crochet stitches, which are quite long. However, because of the length of those stitches, it's an airy, open hat and wouldn't be good for winter since it's not going to really keep a baby's head warm. But it would do a great job of keeping the sun off her little head.

I also learned a new edging for this hat: the popcorn stitch. To me, it looked kind of elaborate but couldn't have been easier.

Hopefully, this little project will be handed over to it's new owner tomorrow, provided I can get my crafting room cleaned up enough today to make that card!

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