Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Greatest Video on You Tube

Trekkies of the world, UNITE, for I have found the greatest video on You Tube!

Hi, my name's Amy (waves at the group) and I am a Trekkie. I'm not a Trekker, but rather a Trekkie. (I'm old school like that.) I have been since I was in elementary school and saw an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. I was hooked! So last summer was a build of up the geek-fest that was to come because of J.J. Abrams' take on Star Trek.

I present to you...the gag reel from Star Trek!

The young boy that portrayed Spock as a kid was "pinch your cheeks" cute as hell. But the absolute best part is the last blooper. I've never seen (or heard) anything like it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Arty Farty Updates

Two little project updates to do here in the same post: the cat hat and Wizard of Oz mobile.

This cat hat pattern was too great to pass up for my friend Nina. She just got home a few days ago and gave me a call to let me know she was wearing it and hadn't taken it off yet.

She said she loves it and I'm happy.

And my sister has finally gotten her Wizard of Oz mobile. The baby's room is just about complete and the mobile is in place on the crib.

She loves it and I'm happy about that too.

Quadrennial review says Navy 'will' base carrier in Florida

"Defense officials made clear Monday they're backing the Navy's desire to relocate a Norfolk-based aircraft carrier to Mayport, Fla. Whether the Navy is successful may come down to a nasty fight in Congress, say some Virginia legislators, who argue the military hasn't provided any solid research to justify the relocation."

Well, it's about time we heard something like this. This was first brought public in September. I thought then, as I still think, that at least one carrier should be moved out of Hampton Roads for safety reasons for the Atlantic Fleet.

But my new thought is this: WHY do some of our Virginia legislators need to have the military justify the move to THEM? My guess what not be the number of constituents would be moved from Virginia to Florida...its all about the Benjamins.

"All five nuclear carriers on the East Coast are currently based in Norfolk.

"Top Navy officials have been pushing the move for a couple of years, arguing that it is dangerous to keep all the East Coast carriers in a single location.

"Several Virginia members of Congress said Monday that despite the Navy's claim that Hampton Roads carries a higher risk of terrorist attack, accident or disaster, the military has not provided any classified or unclassified analysis to back their statement."

But who would make that move? "The Navy hasn’t decided which of five Norfolk-based aircraft carriers would be moved to Mayport, Fla., if the relocation is approved, Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told senators in Washington Tuesday." Right now, that shouldn't matter to the general public, but that's such a huge decision that it couldn't really be announced to the ship in question and then be expected to be kept quiet.

I still just want say two words on why a carrier should be moved: Pearl Harbor. If another attack like that happened on American soil, here in Hampton Roads, we could possibly help to prevent thousands of people, stationed on an aircraft carrier, from dying or being injured by getting one of those carriers stationed in Florida. I think those lives would be well worth the cost, time and effort to everyone involved in the move. For the legislators to squabble over money is short-sighted. We need to look at the long-term. Moving a carrier out of Hampton Roads is the way to go.