Monday, June 28, 2010

An Interesting Email

I go this email from my friend Nicole (the knitter). She has an all black male cat named Odin that hates me with a passion that I absolutely adore. She works from home and send me pictures of Odin throughout the day. 

I just loved the mental image I got when I read this email! The thing I found so funny about this email is the fact that Odin is completely bonded to Nicole with a love that I've never seen before in another cat, not even my own.
Subject: you know your morning is off to an interesting start

When you come home from dropping Ronon off [this is her roommates nephew] and open your front door. In your living room is a large black cat, with "WTF are you doing here" eyes...and a Q~tip. He takes off running to your room, screaming, and dives under the bed.

I need to pull that bed out.