Friday, December 10, 2010

Just When You Think People Suck...

.you realize that people don't suck...little bullies suck.

"Katie Goldman's universe extends from her home to her first-grade classroom. She is a big sister to Annie Rose and Cleo, a piano player, a Spanish student, a wearer of glasses. She loathes the patch she has to wear for one lazy eye. She loves magic and princesses and "Star Wars," an obsession she picked up from her dad...

"Kids at school insisted that "Star Wars" was only for boys, Katie wailed. Her daughter said she was different enough already -- the only one who was adopted, who's Jewish, who wears glasses, who needs a patch. If sacrificing Yoda for the color pink would make her fit in again, so be it."

So some little brats at Katie's school gave her a hard time about her love of Star Wars. And it made her feel bad. So, it ended up being Mom to the possibly unintended rescue with her blog, "Portrait of An Adoption." And Katie's fellow geeks and nerds, especially females, came to support her. And let me tell you, if you didn't already know, there are more of us female nerds and geeks out there than what you think!

Katie could almost be me. I've worn glasses since I was in kindergarten. When I was in 7th grade, I had bifocals for a year. I used to have short hair (my choice), my ears stuck out like Dumbo's, I had good grades, I liked Spider-Man and I wasn't popular. I got picked on for all kinds of crap and I wasn't a fighter. My mom would invariably find out about the latest bully and she'd be there at the school, which worked to stop that particular bully but was embarrassing as well. As you go through school, it's hard to be popular when your father is a (now retired) cop and he's arresting your classmates for doing stupid shit, especially when he'd come home and tell me who he busted and then I'D get the lecture for what THEY did.

As I got older, I was a late bloomer through high school when it came to dating and such.

But you know what? In college, that's when I started to figure out who I was and that it was okay to be a nerd. So here I am, 36 years old, married to a super sweet guy who loves me, and you know what...he's not a geek. He's wicked smart and has loads of patience when it comes to everything.

I've got a good life, and yeah, I'm still a geek with glasses. I grew my hair out and it covers my ears. My husband calls me "his geek" when I start referring to myself like that. He even bought me Yoda's light saber for my birthday this year. I still love all that sci-fi, superhero, cartoon, comic book stuff I did when I was a kid. Next year, I'm planning to go to Comic Con, and after the start of the new year, I'm going to make a Jedi character for myself so I can join the Rebel Legion so I can hang out with more of my fellow geeks and nerds.

Sometimes, it's just easier to embrace the geekiness than it is to hide it. My computer/crafting room has posters from Spider-Man's movies, bought for me by my husband. I have action figures throughout the room that we've each bought. And I even ride a red scooter with a big ole'Spider-Man head vinyl sticker on the front fender that matches the Spider-Man seat covers I made for it.

It's who I am. I don't try to hide it.

So my message to Katie is female nerds and geeks will always stick together, and you have us all as sisters around the world to share our common loves, no matter the age differences between us. Jedi Katie, may the force be with you, and live long and prosper (don't want to leave out my personal favorite sci-fi catch phrase!)!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not Musical Monday But Still Necessary

Considering today is the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death, I thought of this song by the Barenaked Ladies.


I tend the wheat field that makes your bread
I bind the sweet veal, pluck the hens that make your bed
Mother nature and mother earth
Are two of three women who dictate what I'm worth

I'm the farmer
I work in the fields all day
Don't mean to alarm her
But I know it was meant to be this way

You cried a tear, I wiped it dry
I put you up upon a pedestal so high
If you should waver, if you should sway
I'd catch you, spread my tiny wings and fly away

You signed your picture with and O and X
I bet you don't write "love" each time you sign your cheques

I'm the farmer
I work in the fields all day
Don't mean to alarm her
But I know we were meant to be this way

All of this corn I grow I grow it all for you
I took a hatchet to the radio I did it all for you
Well you could have written back
And you could have said "thank you"
But I guess you've got better things,
But I guess you've got better things,
I guess you've got better things,
Better things to do
Better things to do yeah
Better things to do

You say you love me, is that the truth?
Although they've heard the songs, my friends need living proof
I know your address, I ring the bell
I bring you flowers and a twenty-two with shells

I'm the farmer
I work in the fields all day
Never wanted to harm her
But I know it was meant to be this way
I know it was meant to be this way
I know it was meant to be this way